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4:00:50 PM Done Installing SQL Server Management Studio
3:53:33 PM Installing SQL Server Management Studio
3:51:53 PM Downloading SQL Server Management Studio
3:48:44 PM Virtual Machine Initialization succeeded
3:48:44 PM Add to trusted sites for vmadmin
3:48:44 PM Update .mht file
3:48:43 PM Add Help folder to Search Scope
3:48:43 PM Create Desktop Shortcuts
3:48:43 PM Change global ClientUserSettings
3:48:43 PM Change Inner Web.config
3:48:42 PM Change Outer Web.config
3:48:42 PM Copy files to http Web site
3:48:42 PM Create http Web Site
3:48:40 PM Modify App Pool setting for LoadUserProfile
3:48:40 PM Certificate added to binding
3:48:39 PM Binding created for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Web Client
3:48:39 PM Add SSL binding to NAV Web Client
3:48:38 PM Remove Bindings from NAV Web Client
3:48:38 PM Remove default Web Site
3:48:34 PM Start NAV Server
3:48:34 PM Change Default Language and Locale to 2057
3:48:34 PM Change Default Role Center to 9022
3:48:32 PM Stop NAV Server
3:48:25 PM Connect to NAV with admin user to create User Personalization Record
3:48:24 PM Add firewall rules
3:47:58 PM Expose NAV Web Services
3:47:54 PM Restart NAV Server
3:47:50 PM Changing NAV Server Configuration
3:47:48 PM Import Certificate Pfx
3:47:48 PM Self Signed Certificate Thumbprint 44A76E315EC83688E2FC2141DC2FC000B44F12D5
3:47:48 PM Copy Certificate to Desktop and Landing page
3:47:47 PM Create Self Signed Certificate
3:47:42 PM Server IP Address:
3:41:19 PM Installing C:\NAVDVD\GB\Installers\GB\WebHelp\WebHelp.Local.Gb.msi
3:41:17 PM Installing C:\NAVDVD\GB\Installers\GB\WebClient\WebClient.Local.Gb.msi
3:41:16 PM Installing C:\NAVDVD\GB\Installers\GB\Server\Server.Local.Gb.msi
3:41:15 PM Installing C:\NAVDVD\GB\Installers\GB\RTC\RoleTailoredClient.Local.Gb.msi
3:41:14 PM Installing C:\NAVDVD\GB\Installers\GB\OlAddin\OutlookAddIn.Local.Gb.msi
3:41:12 PM Server Instance: NAV
3:41:08 PM Import Modules
3:41:08 PM Database Name: [Demo Database NAV (10-0)]
3:41:08 PM NAV Version: 100
3:41:07 PM Read Settings